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Bar Charts configuration

Basic Settings

Project or saved filter

Choose a project or saved filter, which will form the data basis for the chart.

Field for x-axis

Choose the field that will form the x-axis of the chart.

Field for y-axis

Choose the field that will form the y-axis of the chart.

Group issues by the following field

Choose the field after which the issues will be grouped. If you do now want to group issues, select “Nothing”.

Show data as formatted table below chart

When enabled, additionally shows the data of the chart as a formatted table below the chart.

Advanced Settings

Sort bar charts

Bar charts will be sorted based on the values of the first selected project or filter in the selected order.

Chart height

Specify the height of the chart (in pixel).

Refresh interval (in minutes)

Specify the refresh interval of the gadget to reload the issues.

Show x-axis values not present in the data

When enabled, also shows values in the chart (and the data table) that are currently not present in the issues that form the data basis for the chart.

AI Settings

Show button for AI generated insights

When enabled, the following AI powered features are enabled:



How to use

What data is send

Generate AI powered insights

  • AI features need to be enabled first by an admin

  • An OpenAI API key for GPT-4 needs to be provided on the admin page

Below your bar chart, a field will appear with a button to generate a one-sentence insight on the bar chart that is displayed.

All information displayed on the bar chart is sent to OpenAI. Further information or context of the issues that is not displayed is not sent.

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