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What does similarity mean in Configuration Cleaner for Jira?

The similarity is to be seen as a generalization of the duplication. Equally, it is compared on the basis of functionality, but the order of representation is not taken into account. This means that two items that are similar have the same sub-components, but in a different order.

Cleanup Similars

Currently, automatic cleanup support for similar items is not provided, as these must be judged on a case-by-case basis whether their intended use is identical to the items they are similar to.

To manage similar items, simply navigate to the configuration items in question by clicking on the name in the analysis results page, and judge for yourself which action is needed.

Should you wish the similar items to be treated as duplicates, simply rearrange the order of the sub-items so they match, and Configuration Cleaner will detect and treat them as duplicates.

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