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What does unused mean in Configuration Cleaner for Jira?

An element is considered unused if it is not used in any project. Corresponding elements are not listed further in a list of possible duplicates.

If a configuration element is only used in another configuration element that is unused, then both elements will be considered as an unused configuration element. These type of unused element are separated into their own section with the label Only in Unused ${Parent_Configuration_Item_Type}.

Screenshot from 2024-04-11 16-52-03.png

Field Configuration 1 and Field Configuration 2 are both unused elements

Screenshot from 2024-04-11 16-51-44.png

Field Configuration 2 is used in an unused field configuration scheme, whereas Field Configuration 1 is not used in any scheme

Cleanup Unused

Clicking the Cleanup Unused button will guide you through the automatic removal process of the unused configuration items. Should you have selected a category with dependencies to other unused items, these will also be deleted as part of this action.

  1. First, select the items you wish to delete:

  1. In the case of unused items with dependencies to other unused items, you will now see a new stage where all the affected parent items will be displayed, and you can click on their names to get more information.

  1. Finally, all items that are to be deleted will be displayed again for you to confirm. Once you’ve acknowledged the selection, just click the Confirm cleanup button, and let the Configuration Cleaner bulk delete the problem items.

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