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Configuration Cleaner for Jira Documentation

Why Configuration Cleaner for Jira?

The Configuration Cleaner for Jira is a tool designed to enhance the management of your Jira configuration by identifying and optimizing unused, duplicate, and similar configuration elements.


  • Customizable Analysis Report - It identifies elements that serve identical functions (Duplicates) or share similarities (Similars). Additionally, it highlights elements that are not utilized in any project (Unuseds)

  • Detailed Information - The report provides detailed information about each identified element, listed in the following columns, such as projects or workflows.

Supported configurations

  • Screens

  • Screen Schemes

  • Issue Type Screen Schemes

  • Transitions

  • Workflows

  • Workflow Schemes

  • Field Configurations

  • Field Configuration Schemes

  • Issue Security Schemes

  • Issue Type Schemes

  • Notification Schemes

  • Permission Schemes

  • Priority Schemes

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