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Administration configuration

The global administration configuration allows you to restrict which domains can be used within the Custom Content gadget.

In order to view the global administration configuration page, navigate to Settings ⚙️ > Apps > Custom Content for Jira.

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The Allow all domains toggle enables allowing any domains. If it is turned off, only the domains in the list below the toggle are allowed.

The Allow external link redirects toggle enables redirects happening within allowed domains to any sites. If it is turned off, only redirects to domains in the list below the toggle are allowed.


The app logs any changes to the configuration in the app logs . It logs the old and new configuration and the accountId of the user responsible for the change, for example:

INFO	2023-06-16T08:29:20.103Z 2.4.0 ari:cloud:jira::site/418h9b72-3c63-4002-b919-40f300fbce1a fd4dd54d-f7e2-4v7m-a054-03894c60uu6b resolver core:function User '712032:756r74fj-1ck3-4851-6bd7-407006z6d914' changed the global configuration from '{"allowAll":false,"allowRedirects":false,"domains":[]}' to '{"allowAll":false,"allowRedirects":false,"domains":[""]}'.

The retention period for the logs is 60 days. The access to the logs can be disabled by the administrator (Disable log access).

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