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Manage Templates

Global Templates vs. Project Templates

You can use global or project templates to print your issues. Managing and accessing the templates requires different permissions.


Access template management via “Print issue”

Global Templates

Project Templates


  • available for all users

  • available for users with “Browse Project” permission of respective project


  • requires global Jira administration permission

  • requires “Administer Projects” permission of respective project


  • Print issue → Edit button on template

  • global administration → Manage Apps → Issue Printer for Jira → Global Settings

  • Print issue → Edit button on template

  • Project settings → Print Templates

Create a new Template

You can create new templates by clicking the button. Please enter a name and select a design to start with.


Create new template


Enter name and starting design

Rename a Template

You may rename your template at any time. However, you cannot choose a name from an already existing template.


Rename a template

Copy a Template

You may also copy templates. After selecting a source project (this can also be the same project) you can select one or more templates to copy. If you select just one template to copy you may also enter a new name for the template. Otherwise, the template name is simply copied without any change.


Copy a template

If you have already a template with the same name you will be asked to overwrite the existing template(s). To prevent your templates from being overwritten, rename or copy your templates first.

Set a Default Template

You can set one template as the default template for the project. The default template will be selected first when printing your issues. You can always change the template on the preview page.


Set the default template of a project

Delete a Template

You may also delete a template.


Delete a template

There is no trash so be careful. A deleted template cannot be recovered.

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