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Print Issues

Select Issues to Print

You can select the issues for printing from Jira boards, issue search or issue view.

Print Issues from Agile Board

Print sprint from the backlog


Print selected issues


… from the board


from the backlog

Print issues in column


Issue Search

Print issues from any search or filter


Issue View

Print a single issue


Print all sub-tasks of an issue


Select a Template and Print

After you have clicked on the print icon or the print menu item, you are redirected to the print preview page. You can print the issues using the default template or select any other template from the list. To access project templates from other projects, change the project in the upper left corner. The preview is updated immediately. Click the Print button or use the browser menu to print your issues.


Select a template and print

Please ensure in the print dialog of your browser that margins, format and orientation are configured correctly. You may also deactivate the printing of the header and footer of the page.

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