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Access survey engagement and results

A survey analyst can view a survey’s pending, finished and eligible participants. With that information they are able to analyze:

Survey engagment

In “Anonymous” mode, survey analysts cannot view individual participant answers. They are only able to see answers on a survey-wide level.

  • See a list of a survey’s participants with their relevant information

  • Filter through a survey’s participants

  • Send an email to pending participants to remind them to take part in the survey

Survey results

View answers

  • The survey analyst can see each participant’s answer NOT POSSIBLE IF ANONYMOUS

  • If the corresponding setting is set, the analyst can change the answers, as well

Download answers

  • Download all answers in CSV format

Analyze answers

  • See a number of different analysis charts regarding the answers for each question

A survey analyst is also able to filter participants by clicking on the filter participants button.

This will display a menu where it is possible to filter out participants who already voted but have lost voting permission.

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