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Set survey status

A survey manager can change the status of a survey by clicking on the corresponding button in the survey management bar.

Changing a survey’s status is not one-directional. It is possible for “non-anonymous” surveys to go back to draft or open mode if needed.

Draft status

The survey lifecycle starts with it being in draft mode. In this state, a survey manager can freely make changes to the survey and participants are not able to vote in this survey.

Once a survey has been set to “Anonymous”, it cannot be go back to draft mode.

Open status

Once opened by a survey manager, participants are now able to see the survey and submit their respective answers.

Closed status

Finally, a survey can be set to closed. In this state, survey participants are still able to see the survey but cannot submit any answers.

Archived status

When the survey is in the Archived state:

  • Voting is not possible

  • Survey participants can no longer change their own answers

  • Changes by survey managers to other users' answers are also not possible

A survey can only be archived when it is in the closed state.

A survey manager can archive a survey by clicking on the archive button.

To restore an archived survey, the survey manager can go into the survey editor and click on the restore option. This will switch the survey back into the closed state.

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