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Respond to a survey

Survey voters can respond to a survey once the survey is open. Just enter your answers and click the “Complete“ button for your answer to be processed.

You can see the title and a description defined by the survey manager, which should give you a hint on what to expect in this survey. Additionally, the icons in the top right corner indicate the mode of the survey. By hovering over the icons, you can get an explanation of their meaning. By clicking the “Personal settings“ button you can set the language of the survey.

Survey participants can only submit their responses when the survey is open. Surveys that are closed can no longer accept any responses.

Once your response was processed successfully you will be informed about it and you can view and edit it if you like. However, if the survey is anonymous, you will not be able to see and change your response anymore.

Note that individual responses made within “non-anonymous” surveys can be viewed by survey managers.

Anonymous surveys

Responses within surveys set as “Anonymous” are private. Survey managers cannot see which answer was submitted by a specific participant. To be fully anonymous we do not store any connection between the participant and his response. Therefore, it is not possible to see or even change your answer in anonymous surveys.

In anonymous surveys it is not possible to change your submission. Double check your response before submitting.

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