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You need to have Advanced Settings enabled.

Adding translations to surveys

It is possible for survey managers to translate surveys.

  1. To add translations besides the default language (which defaults to English), open the “Translation“ tab.

  2. Click on the “+” sign on the right and select the new language:

  3. You will receive a new column to add in the translations for the corresponding texts.


It is possible to do a partial translation: If no translation for a specific question or answer is given, the default is displayed to the user.

Survey manager can also manage translations via CSV. This also includes:

  • Exporting translations to CSV (click onimage-20240422-075738.png)

  • Importing translations from CSV (click onimage-20240422-075751.png)

The language that is displayed to a users depends on a user's default language. All users can individually choose the language in which the survey should be displayed for them.

If no translation for the user’s preferred language is available, the default language is displayed, as configured in the survey designer (General → Default language).

Checking your translated survey

In the “Preview“ tab you have a quick look on if your translation is alright. For this change the language in the top right corner and try the survey in that language yourself.



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