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Use Cases

Congratulations on using the Page Gardener Companion for Confluence to keep your Confluence space up-to-date! This page will give you a brief overview and demonstration of some of the Page Gardener Companion App features. Learn more about the app usage.

Typical use cases of the Page Gardener Companion for Confluence

Find outdated pages in page trees

The problem

Consider the following complex page tree:

The page "Outdated Subpage" is a page in a page tree which has become outdated and needs an update. For example, imagine it contains a URL for accessing some service in your enterprise which has changed. Or, it may contain information which is no longer necessary and can be archived.

The solution

The Page Gardener Companion for Confluence helps you keeping this page up to date by marking the whole page tree starting at "Important Documentation" as outdated. A person responsible for this page tree, a Gardener (explained in Basics), will be informed to keep the page up to date and to check whether the information on the page is still relevant.

Remove duplicate information

The problem

If pages are duplicated there is usually one page which is outdated.

The solution

The Page Gardener Companion for Confluence enables you to find the outdated pages and consolidate duplicate information.

Use the Gardening app to keep your information up to date

You can use the Page Gardener Companion to tell whether a page is still to be considered up to date. Two measures have proven successful:

  • Assign responsible persons, so called gardeners, to pages who track their content. The Gardening app helps the gardeners to keep their pages up to date.

  • Perform Confluence clean-up days regularly to update important information, or remove redundant information. The Gardening app helps us to identify pages which need attention.

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