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If a page does not have a valid label recognized by the app, the labels of the parent page are recognized, thereby applying the parent page’s gardening behavior. If the parent page lacks a valid label, the search recursively ascends to the parent's parent and continues upward until a page with a valid label is identified, at which point that page's gardening behavior is implemented.

This inheritance behavior can be disabled for any label by using the suffix "single" after the behavior you wish to add.

Example #1

The label "noexpire" on a page applies to that page and all pages that descend from it which have no valid labels. "noexpire-single" applies to that page only.

Multiple labels

When multiple labels are given to a page the following logic applies:

This logic might seem quite complicated so let's do some examples.

Example #2

A page has three labels "expire-2025-02-14", "expire-2w" and "noexpire-single" on it. Looking through these we see that there is a label with the single prefix ("noexpire-single") and thus the page is excluded from gardening behavior.

Example #3

A page has two labels "expire-2025-10-02" and "expire-2025-12-03". There is no single label so we see if there's a "noexpire" and there isn't so we choose the earliest expiry date. This page therefore expires on 2nd October 2025.

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