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PDF Macros for Confluence

Why PDF Macros for Confluence?

PDF Macros for Confluence allows you to easily customize your PDF exports with an entire set of macros.

We provide macros to add page breaks, avoid page breaks, display pages in landscape mode, hide content either in the web view or the export, insert the current date and time or change the font size. You can configure your exports by adding the respective macros to the page.

Included Macros



PDF: Force Page Break

Forces a page break in the exported PDF.

PDF: Avoid Page Break

Avoids a page break in the exported PDF.

PDF: Landscape

Export this section in landscape format.

PDF: Hide in PDF Export

Only show in PDF export.

PDF: Hide in Web View

Only show in web view.

PDF: Current Date and Time

Embeds the current date and time in the exported PDF.

PDF: Font Size

Gives the ability to use a different font size in the exported PDF.

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