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Key Features

  • Automatic Slide Generation:

    • Our AI algorithms analyze your sprint issues and create presentation slides for you.

    • Slides are generated based on the issue's summary, description, subtasks, comments, and estimation, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

  • AI decides how to group the issues onto slides

    • The application intelligently groups together related issues, providing a structured and coherent presentation.

    • The application automatically includes all completed issues, but it also empowers you to select and group specific issues, allowing you to customize the presentation to serve your audience's preferences and requirements.

  • Content Condensation:

    • Rock your Sprint Review condenses all relevant information into easily digestible points, ensuring your presentation remains concise and to the point.

  • DALL-E Image Generation:

    • For an extra touch of sophistication, we integrate DALL-E, an AI artist, to generate eye-catching images for each slide based on the issue's content.

    • Customizable: You can choose to replace generated images with actual screenshots of your work for a live demonstration, adding a personal touch to your presentation.

  • Seamless Integration with Jira:

    • Rock your Sprint Review seamlessly integrates with your existing Jira workflow, making it easy to access and utilize within your project management environment.

  • Enhance Presentation Flow:

    • The application helps you create a polished presentation from the ground up, making it easy to add the finishing touches that will truly make it shine.

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