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Migration (Server / Data Center → Cloud)

Migration Path

Migrating Confluence pages containing Table Enhancer macros to the Cloud involves four steps:

  1. Migrate the pages to your Cloud site using the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant.

  2. Convert the pages to the new editor.

  3. Migrate all contained legacy Table Enhancer macros by using the Macro Migration Assistant included with Table Enhancer Cloud. If this does not work out for you, then take a look at the limitations of the Macro Migration Assistant and handle the macro migration manually.

  4. Migrate table content if necessary.

Be aware that due to platform limitations, a small set of content types can not be migrated to the Cloud.

Feature Comparison


Server / Data Center


Table Input

You put the table to be enhanced as a macro body. The original table will be replaced.

You will reference the table to be enhanced inside the macro parameters. The original table will be preserved

Initial Sorting

(tick) In Server / Data Center, you can choose whether you want to sorting with our without accents

(tick) In Cloud, the table is always sorted according to your browser’s language settings

Enhanced Row Numbering



Background Colors for Row Numbers



Total Line



Fixing Rows



Fixing Columns



Nested macros


(error) This is a limitation of Confluence Cloud

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