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Migration path

Automated migration is not possible at the moment.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer an automated migration path for Table Enhancer macros at the moment, as Atlassian is currently not providing a way to support this for Forge apps.

However, there is an open issue covering this topic, so we would appreciate votes there so that this blocker will be removed as soon as possible and we will be able to provide an automated solution.

After migrating from Confluence Server / Data Center, your old Table Enhancer macros can no longer be used. However, the original table can still be seen.

How to manually convert a Table Enhancer macro from the Legacy Editor to the new one

  1. Convert the page to the new editor

  2. Unwrap the table from the legacy Table Enhancer macro

  3. Create a new Table Enhancer macro by typing /tableenhancer or using the macro insertion button in the top menu

  4. Configure the new Table Enhancer macro as the old one and link it the the respective table by counting the index of the table.

  5. Delete the legacy Table Enhancer macro

  6. Optional: Hide the original table inside an expand macro

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