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Scopes & Permissions

External domains (for images):

  • * : Used to show the images present in the table.

  • * : Used to show the images present in the table.

  • * Used to render emojis properly.


These are the scopes defined for our app. Please note that their representation in the “Allow Access” dialog can differ.

  • storage:app: Required because the opt-in toggle on admin page stores whether auto migration is enabled or not.

  • read:page:confluence: Required to get a table via REST API to be able to render it in the macro.

  • write:page:confluence: Required to run the auto migration after page update when the opt-in toggle is enabled.

  • read:space:confluence: Required to read the spaces which contain pages with Table Enhancer macros

  • read:attachment:confluence: Required to fetch images of a page to display them in the macro.

  • read:confluence-user: Required to check the admin permissions of the user on the Admin page for the Migration Assistant.

  • search:confluence: Required to do a search for pages that contain a Table Enhancer macro.

  • read:confluence-props: Required to run an API call to retrieve the page property to determine whether the page uses the new editor or the legacy one.

  • read:confluence-content.summary: Required to use the page event listener.

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