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Table Enhancer Configuration


Row numbers

Adds a consecutive number (starting at 1) to every row.


  • none: There will be no numbering.

  • onceBeforeSorting: Add row numbers before initial sorting.

  • onceAfterSorting: Add row numbers after initial sorting.

  • independentFromSorting: Add row numbers completely independent from every sorting.

Background color for row numbers

Choose the background color for the row number cells.


  • grey: Grey color.

  • red: Red color.

  • green: Green color.

  • blue: Blue color.

  • yellow: Yellow color.

  • transparent: There will be no color.

  • asRightNextCell: Copy the color from the right next cell compared to the inserted row number cell.

Sort order

Choose a sort order by selecting columns (1, 2, ...) together with their respective sort order (ASC for ascending, DESC for descending). Column numbers start with 1.

Sorting without accents

When enabled, the text will be internally converted so that accented characters are switched to their non-accented equivalent before sorting. That is:

  • á, à, â, ã, ä will be replaced with a

  • ç will be replaced with c

  • é,è, ê, ë will be replaced with e

  • í, ì,İ, î, ï will be replaced with i

  • ó, ò,ô, õ, ö, ō will be replaced with o

  • ú, ù, û, ü will be replaced with u

  • ß will be replaced with S

Total line

When enabled, shows a total line at the end of the table. It contains sums for all columns containing numeric values.

Decimal mark

Choose either . (point) or , (comma) as decimal separator for parsing and summing numeric values for the total line.

Number of rows to keep visible

Choose the number of rows at the top of the table to be fixed while scrolling. Only available for the default theme.

Number of columns to keep visible

Choose the number of columns on the left of the table to be fixed while scrolling (incl. a possible row numbering column). Only available for the default theme.

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