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What can't be Migrated

This page explains what type of content cannot be migrated due to platform limitations. Note that there are additional content that cannot be auto-migrated via Macro Migration Assistant.

Learn more about the limitations of the auto-migration via Macro Migration Assistant

Enhanced Tables Containing Some Third Party Macros

Due to platform limitations, Table Enhancer Cloud is not able to render some third party macros. When the source table contains such macros, Table Enhancer will render a placeholder text instead. This can happen for example when the source table itself contains another Table Enhancer macro.

This is likely the problem if a third party macro is properly displayed in the source table but not inside the Table Enhancer macro.

Page Comments

It is not possible to insert Table Enhancer macros into comments in Confluence Cloud. This makes it impossible to migrate legacy Table Enhancer macros contained in comments.

Screenshot from 2024-03-06 14-14-37.png

A comment containing a legacy Table Enhancer macro in Confluence Cloud.

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