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Basic Usage

Only users that have system administration privileges may switch the user by default.

Type xx on any screen to show a popup dialog in which you can search for users. You can select the user to switch to:


Toolbar Usage

The toolbar is disabled by default. Please see installation notes why the toolbar is disabled by default and how to enable it.

Type qq on any screen to show the toolbar. You can click on a button to switch the user:


Advanced configuration

Allow only users of a certain group to switch users

Specify a group of users that are allowed to switch the user other than JIRA system administrators.

Default: users with system administrator privileges

Go to Manage apps and search for the User Switcher for Jira. Expand it and click on Configure:


Configure a group that should be able to switch the user:


Only allow a user switch to a certain group

This setting restrict the list list of possible users a user can switch to. E.g. you can restrict the switch to test users only.

Default: any user

Go to Manage apps and search for User Switcher for Jira. Expand it and click on Configure:


Configure any group that you want to be able to switch to:


Installation notes

By default, the module for the user switching toolbar is disabled for performance reasons. With a large amount of users, the toolbar will notably slow down Jira. If you want to use the toolbar for workflow testing, please enable the modules manually. For that, go to Manage apps, search for User Switcher for Jira and click on Configure (see above). On the right, click on "31 out of 33 modules enabled" and enable the missing two modules. It is recommended to configure a group with users that you can switch to. This group should not contain more than 10-20 users.

Should the "Tempo Timesheets"-Plugin be active in your instance, its 'w' shortcut might get overshadowed by the 'who' shortcut (shows the current user) of the User Switcher Add-On.
For the 'w' shortcut to work again, you will need to disable the two related modules of "Who am I?" of the User Switcher for Jira.

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