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Change the Font Type

The Fonts macro allows for font type specification in two ways: either by selecting a font included with Webfonts for Confluence or by providing a URL to a font file.

Using Pre-defined Webfonts

If you would like to use a predefined font, then you can choose a font from the Webfont drop-down in the Fonts macro configuration.

Screenshot from 2024-04-04 15-30-01.png

Selecting a predefined font type.


  • AguafinaScript-Regular

  • AnticDidone-Regular

  • BilboSwashCaps-Regular

  • Cagliostro-Regular

  • Gudea-Regular

  • IMFeFCsc28P

  • JacquesFrancois-Regular

  • Limelight-Regular

  • Lustria-Regular

  • MeieScript-Regular

  • Monofett

  • Oranienbaum-Regular

  • Orienta-Regular

  • Parisienne-Regular

  • PetitFormalScript-Regular

  • Ranchers-Regular

  • Romanesco-Regular

  • Syncopate-Regular

  • Tangerine-Regular

  • Unna-Regular

Providing a Webfont via URL

Alternatively, you can provide a link in the “URL(optional)” textbox to any font file accepted by HTML such as, but not limited to: *.tff, *.otf, *.woff,*.woff2.

Screenshot from 2024-04-04 18-02-19.png

Providing a font type via URL

If you provide a link to a font in URL(optional), then the choice in the Webfont drop-down will be ignored.

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