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(Draft) Toggle Inline Mode

Fonts macro allows for displaying the text content within its body both inline and in a new line.

When a Fonts macro is created, it will be inlined by default.

Screenshot from 2024-04-04 16-45-57.png

Adding a Fonts macro between the words “before” and “after”.

Screenshot from 2024-04-04 16-46-11.png

The Fonts macro is inlined.

Toggling the Inline mode off and on

  1. Visit the page containing the Fonts macro in edit mode.

  2. Click on the Fonts macro to open the toolbar.

    Screenshot from 2024-04-04 16-48-25.png
  3. Click on the button “Display on new line

  4. Save the page.

  5. Congratulations! 🎉 You have successfully toggled off the inline mode.

    Screenshot from 2024-04-04 16-57-36.png

    (info) You can toggle the inline mode on again by following the steps above, but clicking “Display inline” button at the Step 3.

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