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Scopes & Permissions

External domains:

No external domains are accessed by Workflow Enhancer.


These are the scopes defined for our app. Please note that their representation in the “Allow Access” dialog can differ.

  • storage:app: Needed to persist errors in error log in Jira Cloud instance.

  • read:avatar:jira: Needed to use avatar properties in validators and conditions

  • read:issue:jira: Needed to use issue fields in validators and conditions

  • read:issue-security-level:jira: Needed to use issue security level in validators and conditions

  • read:field:jira: Needed to find field names to use in Jira expressions in validators and conditions

  • read:field-configuration:jira: Needed to use custom fields in validators and conditions

  • read:group:jira: Needed to use groups in validators and conditions

  • read:jira-expressions:jira: Needed to setup Jira expressions for validators and conditions

  • read:project:jira: Needed to use project fields in validators and conditions

  • read:project-category:jira: Needed to use project categories in validators and conditions

  • read:project-role:jira: Needed to use project roles in validators and conditions

  • read:screen:jira: Needed to check values of fields during transitions

  • read:status:jira: Needed to use transitions in validators and transitions

  • read:user:jira: Needed to use users in validators and transitions

  • read:webhook:jira: Needed to set up error log webhook

  • read:workflow:jira: Needed to link transition validators and conditions to the workflow in which they are used.

  • read:jira-work: Needed to read issue and project data during transition for validators and conditions to work.

  • manage:jira-configuration: Needed to access and edit workflows

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