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Survey permissions


Multivote and Enterprise Survey for Confluence stores permissions for each survey separately. There are three permission types:

  • Vote

  • View results

  • Manage

Each permission can be assigned to groups or individual users. Permissions do not imply each other, i.e. having the manage permission does not allow you to vote.

Vote permission

This permission allows to participate in a survey. Users may also view their own answer and edit it afterwards as long as the survey is open for votes.

View results permission

This permission includes the result overview panel and grants permissions to view all survey results. To see individual results, press the “show” button under “responded” users and search for the user. If the viewer also has the permission to manage, it is possible to edit the answers of the user.

See Export responses of a survey how to export responses.

Manage permission

After creating a survey, a user is automatically granted the manage permission which allows to:

  • Edit the survey questions

  • Edit survey permissions

To make sure not to lose access to a survey by accident, it is not possible to revoke your own manage permission. However, managers can remove other users' manage permission.

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