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Custom Slide Template

You are able to upload a custom template (pptx) to be used to generate the slides.

  1. Click on the gear button Screenshot from 2024-04-18 10-49-41.png, next to Generate Slides button.

CleanShot 2024-05-08 at 16.33.20-20240508-063324.png
  1. Select the Custom Template option

  2. Click on Select and add your template

  3. Optional: Use the Preview button to preview the result with some pre-filled data

  4. Click Save button to save the changes

Template Structure

The template must contain 2 parts: title slide and content slides.

Title Slide

The first slide of the template file must be the title slide, which contains at least 2 textboxes. You can use the placeholder to specify the textbox. Please make sure the placeholder text is the only content in the textbox.

The placeholders are:

  • {title}

  • {subtitle}

Content slides

The rest of the slides are considered as content slides. There must be at least 2 placeholders on each slide:

  • {headline}

  • {content}

It would be better if the bullets and numbering are dropped from the placeholder textboxes, to prevent redundancy, because the template engine will add them again.

The content slides in the template will be cloned and rotated. So the number of content slides does not need to match that in the slide data.


You are able to specify an image placeholder, to specify the location of the AI generated images. To do so, please open the selection panel in PowerPoint, and double-click the image item, then rename it to {image}. You will need to do that on all content slides.

This placeholder is not necessary if the Include DALL-E Image option is disabled.

Example template

You can find the example template, which contains all the features mentioned above.


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