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Setting Panel

You can open the setting panel by clicking the gear icon near the Generate Slides button.

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There are 2 parts in the setting panel

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Content Settings

You can turn on the Include DALL-E Images option to add AI generated images to the slides. This will slightly increase the time and cost of the generating.

Slide style settings

This section controls the style of the generated slides. There are currently 4 options.

AI Image Background

This option allows AI choosing between the pre-defined slide templates based on the slide content.


This option generates the slides with only text and white background. You can then customize it.

Custom template

This option allows you to use your own slide template. Please see Custom Slide Template for details.

Custom background

This option allows you to customize background images and font colors on a pre-defined slide template. You can use Preview button to preview the slide with some pre-filled data.

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