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Generating a presentation

Access the app page

To use Rock your Sprint Review to generate a presentation, simply head over to any of your projects you want to use the app on, and go to the Rock your Sprint Review app page on the left-hand hand panel. Note that, to use the app, an admin must have set up an OpenAI API key in the app’s admin page.


Select the sprint and issues to use

Rock your Sprint Review allows you to generate a summary presentation for any sprints that appear on any boards within the currently selected project.

First, select the sprint you would like to analyze from the drop down menu, followed by the Find Issues button on the right. This will load up all the issues part of the selected sprint. All closed issues will be automatically preselected for inclusion in the sprint, and you can add unfinished issues as you see fit by clicking the checkbox. Note that all issues will be used to calculate the sprint metrics such as story points completed, but only the selected issues will be interpreted by AI and presented in the slides.

Screenshot from 2024-04-16 14-47-10.png

Generate Slides

Clicking the Generate Slides button will start the automatic slide generation process. Note that, if you do not want AI generated images to be part of the presentation, this can be toggled off via the setting modal, which is opened after you click on the gear button Screenshot from 2024-04-18 10-49-41.png .

If any of your selected issues do not contain enough information to make it onto a slide, a warning will appear a few seconds into the process, telling you that these issues have been dropped from the presentation.

Screenshot from 2024-04-16 14-49-31.png

At this point, you can either let the process finish, or, if the issues are important, you can abort the presentation and expand the issue summary or description with more information. Note that you will have to reload the issues from Jira for your changes to take effect.

Download Slides

Once the generation process is finished (this typically takes about a few minutes), you can download your slides in .pptx format by clicking the Download slides link, which will automatically start your download process.

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