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Chat with AI Assistant via the Interface

Data Privacy Disclaimer

The AI Assistant for Confluence app works by sending your Confluence page content and prompt directly to OpenAI. Even though we don’t save any of this data ourselves, it is highly advisable to be careful with pages that contain sensitive or classified information as they will be sent to OpenAI.

Accessing AI Assistant

Starting a conversation with AI Assistant is simple! You can go to any Confluence page and click on the “More actions” three dot button in the content bar. This will open a drop-down menu where you can access the AI Assistant.

Starting a conversation with AI Assistant

This will open the AI Assistant interface, now you’re all set!

Screenshot from 2024-04-02 11-14-00.png

AI Assistant Interface

AI Assistant functionality

The AI Assistant will already have your page content as part of it’s context so you are able to ask it questions specific to your Confluence page in addition to more general queries.

We also provide a few helpful suggestions to make the best out of your AI Assistant.

Screenshot from 2024-04-02 11-14-38.png

AI Assistants helpful suggestions

These options will generate a custom prompt which you can edit according to your needs.

Screenshot from 2024-04-02 11-32-26.png

Prompt and answer of one of our suggested queries

Multi-line prompts

AI Assistant also supports multi line prompts. The text area will automatically expand to match the size of your prompt, and you can add additional lines by simply hitting enter. You can also use Ctrl+Enter to submit your prompt from within the text area.

Screenshot from 2024-04-02 11-15-40.png

Multi-line prompt and answer

Selecting AI Model

The AI Assistant supports all ChatGPT AI models, including GPT-3.5, GPT-3.5-16k, GPT-4, and GPT-4-32k. The latter two options are only available if your provided key supports them. When these models are supported, you can click on the gear icon to open the option panel and select your preferred AI model with the drop down menu. The AI Assistant will remember your selection for future sessions.

Screenshot from 2024-04-02 11-17-05.png

Select AI Model

Options to mitigate ChatGPT errors

There are other options that can be used to reduce timeout error and context limit error. See Handling Request Timeout in AI Assistant and Handling Context Length Exceed Error in AI Assistant for details.

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