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Troubleshoot Setting Panel

This documentation contains necessary information to fix the warnings and errors in the setting panel.

The size of the template/background file is too large

The template files and background files are saved in your browser’s internal storage. If your file is larger than your browser’s allowed internal storage size per item, the file cannot be saved, which is the reason why this error appears.

In this case, you are still able to generate the slides with the template/background, but it will not be saved and will be gone upon refreshing the page.

To reduce the size of your template you can try compress the background image or the images in the template file.

Some of the slides do not have an image placeholder

In order to add AI generated images, all content slides in the template must have an image placeholder. If this is not the case, a warning appear telling you which slides do not have an image placeholder.

You can still use the template to generate a presentation, but you must toggle the AI image generation off.

I you would like to use AI image generation and this warning comes up, you will have to add image placeholders to the listed slides. You can find information on how to set up an image placeholder in our template file documentation.

Image file type not supported

The file type of the background image you provided is not fully supported. Currently, only .png, .jpeg, .jpg, and .webp are fully supported. You can still use other file types to generate a presentation. In most cases, it will still work, but you may experience some quirks, such as a warning when opening the resulting Powerpoint that the file needs to be fixed.

Your template file is not valid

The template file must be in specific format according to the documentation. Please refer to the documentation to fix the template.

JavaScript errors detected

Please note, these errors can depend on your browser setup.

If this problem persists, please contact our support.